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Wool and Wood Work is a Dutch, Amsterdam based, company, producing and selling handmade fiber tools. Our hackles, blending boards, carders and wool combs are all made out of reclaimed wood. Contact us at info@woolandwoodwork.nl if you want to know more about us.




A set of two doublerow woolcombs and a placeholder. Available in oak and cherry. Use our combs by hand to get a nice combed sliver. Or clamp one down to the table and use a diz to produce a top. Learn more about the Woolcombs by Wool&WoodWork...








Our blending hackles have a double row of teeth and made from reclaimed hardwood. This 16,5 inch tool can be used with a diz to get a beautiful blended top. Read more about Wool&Woodwork's hackle...





About us

We are a unique retailer that is recognized for choice, value and convenience. We sell our products from local retail stores, online and over the phone. We carefully select our vendors to offer you the best products and services. Our customer service team is always there for you if you have any questions or special needs.